How to create your Best Life

We are all guilty of neglecting ourselves from time to time.  We have a tendency to put others first or to say yes when we really mean no.  As adults we have responsibilities and bills to pay and we go through our daily routines in a bit of a mind fog.   There is all this technology  helping us to connect with each other from anywhere in the world, but it can also be very lonely and isolating.  There are apps and guides for us to track our steps and recharge our mind but there is always the feeling that something is missing, especially if you are not seeing any changes.

There are experts from all fields advising you how to create your best life.  The truth is you have all the answers within yourself and it is what works best for you.  Remember you are unique and there is only one of you on this planet, so you know how to create your best life, it is just a case of tapping into that knowledge and power.

The Knowledge and The Power.How-to-create-your-best-life

What is this magical knowledge and power for us to live our best lives?  Is there a secret that we all need to find?  Life doesn’t need to be hard.    We all know what makes us tick and what makes us happy, we just seem to have forgotten it!

So how do we remember?   It is the little things that we have forgotten to do which in turn leads us to a happy life.

It is remembering what floats our boat,  what hobbies and passions we have and dedicating a little bit of time to those things that make us feel alive.  It could be cooking, painting, walking the dog, writing short stories.  Anything that ignites that spark into your life.  Once you have a spring back in your step then life will follow your lead and you will have more opportunities coming your way.  Is it really that easy I hear you cry !  Yes it is.  If you can find time to do more of the things you love then your life will keep getting better and better.

Stop the worrying.

There is a tendency to make life harder than it actually is.  Worry is not a good thing!  It can keep us awake at night.  It can spread an overcast on our enjoyment.  It can be a constant niggle at the back of our mind.  Our mind is a powerful tool but it can also be detrimental to our own well being.   We store worries about money, relationships, work, health the list can be endless.  What would your life be like if you didn’t have any worries?  Would you feel happy?  Relieved?  Maybe you like to worry and would worry if you had nothing to worry about !   Whatever the reason for your worry it is time to give it the heave ho.  The worries that we have hardly come into our lives.  If you worry about how you are going to pay the bills each month then change that worry to knowing that everything always works out.  Think about the previous times when you had the same worry and then everything did work out.  Everything will be ok and everything always works out.

Looking after yourself isn’t selfish.

To help others you need to be the best version of you, and that means looking after yourself and knowing what is best for you.  It is ok to say no to demands that other people may request of you.  You do have to put yourself first, this may be all new to you and may seem uncomfortable at first but once you get into the habit it becomes a lot easier.  It doesn’t make you a bad person and you don’t have to justify your reasons.  Once you start doing this you help others because you inspire others to look after themselves.

What is it you want.

Have a think about what you want out of your life.  Make a list.  Then think about what you can do to get those things.

If you want a new career, have a look at what qualifications you need.  Sign up for a course.

If you set goals you are more likely to achieve them and keep motivated.  Just feeling satisfied that you have taken action is a great motivation to continue in the right direction.

Gain with Gratitudeliving-with-gratitude

How to create your best life is by having an attitude of gratitude.

It might be that your life isn’t going the way you would like it at the moment or you haven’t achieved all that you want to achieve.  You may not like your job and you have always wanted to follow another career.  Whatever your situation if you face it with gratitude then you will start to feel happier.  For instance there will be some part of your job that pleases you, like free car parking, or your own computer, or your work colleagues, or your salary.  If you focus on what you like about your job, there will be more things to like and other opportunities.  It is the same for your body.  If you have body hang ups then start to be grateful for the body you have.  Focus on what you do like about your body,  be your own best friend.  Once you change the script that you say about yourself then your body will respond positively.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a helpful and simple way to express gratitude and a reminder of all the things in your life that you are grateful for.  If you would like your own guide to a gratitude journal or more information  CLICK HERE.


In a nutshell.

You can create your best life by remembering the small things that make you happy,  following your passion and hobbies.

Looking after yourself and doing what is right for you.  Being your own best friend.

Stop the worrying.  Remember things have a habit of working out and being ok.

Be grateful whatever your circumstances.  Gratitude is an amplifier to create your best life and attract more experiences to be grateful for.

Remember you are unique and no one else has your thoughts or dreams like you. You can choose to be happy or sad, you have the knowledge and the power within yourself.

Please feel free to leave comments.  Your thoughts are important to me.

Much Gratitude to you



How to live an easy life

Do you know what is holding you back from living an easy life?  YOU.

That is right, may be hard to hear but you are probably your own worst enemy.

We limit ourselves because we are consumed by fear and worries and these negative beliefs stop us achieving our goals and reaching our full potential.

We often overthink our plans and often do nothing in case our worse case scenario happens. So we carry on with our day to day lives and routines and not pursue our dreams and goals. We then moan and complain about our day to day lives and how we wish we could change them.

Well we can, we all can change our day to day lives and it is easier than you think.Honduras sunset

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have your worries or your fears? A bit like when you were a kid and you were fearless.  You didn’t think too much about things you just went out and did whatever you wanted. You had big dreams and lived in the moment.  Wouldn’t it be great to have those feelings that you had when you were a kid.

Life is meant to be fun and full of adventure with no fear! The majority of the time our worse case scenario never happens. We make it bad in our minds and we build up the “What ifs” and we need to realise that the time spent thinking of the “What ifs” is the time we could be spending on how we want our lives to be and achieving anything you set your mind on.

So how to life an easy life is to be free from our limitations and not overthink our day to day lives. By going more with the flow and remembering that everything works out for us. We can remember the freedom of being a kid and how life was an adventure, something magical in every day.  Fun

How to Clear the Fear.

So how easy is it to clear the fear?  Well it is all about what floats your boat. It is finding what works best for you. Some people like meditation, others like following their passions or hobbies. Anything that stops you thinking about your worries will work and the more you can focus of what you love, the more experiences that you love will come your way.

An easy way to live and to clear the fear is to adapt a mantra or affirmation that allows you to let go of fear immediately. It can be anything you feel comfortable with and you don’t need to say it out loud just say it to yourself in your mind. No one needs to know. Your mind is where the power is and you have the power to change your mind. You can reprogramme your mind to have no fear. You can be your own hypnotist.

Affirmations or mantras can help you overcome any problem. Powerful mantras to have included:-

“Everything always works out for me” or ” I am powerful and can achieve anything”

Mabel Katz is an established author and international speaker with an expertise of helping people clear their negative beliefs the easy way. In her book “The Easiest Way” she identifies areas in life that are important, health, money matters and relationships etc and teaches you how to let go of fears in these areas using a successful ancient Hawaiian ritual, which as the book states is the easiest way. If you would like to learn more about this easy technique  CLICK HERE.

Imagine what your life would be like.

Imagination is a powerful tool. Your imagination is the key to unlocking your desires and living an easy life. What would your life be like if you had everything you wished for. Where would you live? What car would you have? What would you wear? Would you travel?

This can be a fun exercise to do as it stimulates the brain to focus on what you desire rather than what you don’t want.

Many people use a vision board to be creative about their desires, but just writing them down can be a powerful exercise. Knowing what you do want is the first step to obtaining it. If you can dream it then you can achieve it!

Beliefs also play a part in the way you live your life. If you want to change your life then be prepared to change some of your beliefs that hold you back. The easiest way to do this is to first recognise what those beliefs are. If you take a few minutes to write down how you feel about the important aspects of your life, like money, relationships, health etc.

For instance if you have a belief that money is hard to come by then you will need to change that belief in order for money to come to you. You can change your belief by focusing on feeling abundant, or saying affirmations. If you would like to see my more in depth information regarding subliminal affirmations and reprogramming of the brain  CLICK HERE.

Living Fearlessly.

Recognising what you are afraid of can often be surprising. Mostly we think we are afraid of no money or poor health. There are other fears that prevent us from living an easy life. We can be afraid of being too successful or too attractive. These fears may have been programmed into us from an early age. Like being told not to get too big for your boots, or that if you become successful then you won’t be liked.

The good news is that any fear can be eliminated giving us a life without worry or stress and then new opportunities can be opened for us.

If you know what your fears are, you are in a powerful position to let them go.


How to live an easy life is by letting go of fear, recognising what your beliefs are that are holding you back and getting rid of them. Letting go and focusing on what you do want rather than what you don’t want.

Keep it fun !! Create a vision board, write down your goals.

If you would like more information regarding “The Easiest Way.” CLICK HERE

Please feel free to comment/ ask questions. Your thoughts are important to me.

Love and Gratitude to you.

How do Subliminal Affirmations Work?

Have you ever been driving in your car and arrived at your destination and thought I can’t remember how I got here?

Well don’t worry you are not going crazy!  This is your subconscious working on autopilot and taking over. It may be that you have done the same journey numerous amount of times and your brain is just in the habit of taking you that way.

This is not necessarily a bad thing ( although it is a good idea to be alert when driving !) as it is proof that you can programme your subconscious to work automatically for your benefit and bring you positive experiences in your life.

Your conscious mind is your awareness and the decisions that you make on a daily basis like what you are going to wear and where you decide to work etc. This is your thought machine and also how you present yourself to the world.

Your subconscious runs the show! It makes sure your heart is still beating and your body is working 24/7 without you even thinking about it. Your subconscious mind will have all your beliefs and programming that you have learnt and developed since being a child.  So what is in your subconscious will run how you live your life. For example if you have a belief that money is evil, or that money is sparce.  Then your subconscious holds onto that believe and could have a negative impact on the amount of money you allow into your life.

The great news is that you can reprogramme your subconscious with how you want it to run the show. You can programme it like you would do a computer, to believe anything you like. You can reprogramme it to run automatically to attract money, health, new career. The sky is the limit! This is done by subliminal programming and affirmations.

How do subliminal affirmations work?

By a process of repetitions to the brain and constantly focusing on what you do want, rather than what you do want. It may sound complicated but it is easy to do once you get into the swing of it. Repeated affirmations will reprogramme your subconscious. For example if you constantly say “I am abundant.” then eventually your subconscious will be programmed with the belief of abundance and you will attract more money and abundance into your life. I know you are busy and haven’t got time to be reprogramming your subconscious mind all day. Well fear not ! Our wonderful technology in this day and age has made it easy than ever to change the way your subconscious is operating, effectively having a positive impact on your whole life.Wheel of money

How ?  There are programmes that you can have on your phone, or your computer that flash affirmations without distraction. All the work is done for you while you go about your everyday business such as emails, checking social media, watching you tube videos and you don’t have to do anything. There are even options for you to create your own affirmations and mp3.

Imagine that. Just going about your daily business without any further action can change your beliefs to attract wealth, health and happiness. Click here to see for yourself.

It is easier than you think and it doesn’t involve hard work or over thinking. Even small amounts of reprogramming your subconscious on a daily basis, can change your life in ways you didn’t think possible and beyond your wildest dreams.

What are subliminal affirmations?

They can be whatever you want them to be. In fact the more unique they are to you the more powerful they will be. For instance if you can write your own affirmations in your own style then your subconscious is more accepting to believe they are true.

Affirmations that are powerful always start with ” I am” and they need to have a focus on the positive. For example if you want to be debt free than you need to say ” I am abundant, money flows to me with ease.”  Many people lose their way with affirmations as they focus on the negative. For instance they will say “I am free from debt” the subconscious will focus on the word debt and that will be what you get more of.  Hence why it is always important to focus on what you want rather than your current situation. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between your imagination and your reality. Which means that when you programme your subconscious you have the power and the control to programme it for whatever you want.

The affirmations need to be repeated on a regular basis, especially if you have beliefs that have been with you for a long time.  The more the subconscious is exposed to the affirmations the more your beliefs will change, which will lead to life changing results. For more information regarding how powerful affirmations can be click here.

I am is the key.

It is important to use I am at the beginning of your affirmation as this instantly tells your subconscious that it has already happened, which then attracts more of the same.  For instance if you have always struggled to lose weight their may be a belief in your subconscious that is stopping you from losing weight, like you may have a fear that you might become too attractive or that you would get too much attention.  Until you have reprogrammed your subconscious then you are always going to struggle with the weight loss.

The words I am is the key to unlock your life of your wildest dreams and let go of negative beliefs permanently. This is why it is important to be aware of what you say about yourself. Whatever you say about yourself will become your reality.  If you are constantly saying and believing that you are fat and ugly then you will receive more experiences that reflect your belief. If you change your belief to one of positive regard for yourself then you will receive more experiences where you feel beautiful and happy with yourself.

So Watch your language !

Positive Subliminal Affirmations.


Here are a few examples of subliminal affirmations. Remember to create your own that you can relate too.

  • I am a magnet for money. Money flows to me with ease.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am very slim and beautiful.
  • I am capable of manifesting miracles.
  • I am ignited by life.
  • I am ready to receive my greatest life.
  • I am ready for love.
  • I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

Whatever you desire you can reprogramme your subconscious to bring it to you.  To have automated powerful affirmations click here.


You can change your life with subliminal affirmations. Your subconscious will believe anything you programme it to believe.  What you believe will become your reality.

I am is the key to unlock powerful subliminal affirmations.

Watch what you say, especially to yourself !

Please feel free to leave comments/questions. Your thoughts are important to me.

Love and Gratitude to you.

Wealth Trigger 360 Review What it can do for you.

This is an honest review of the programme Wealth Trigger 360.  I am not the owner of this programme.

Product:- Digital Programme. To reprogramme your mind to have a millionaire mindset. Bonus interviews included with self-made millionaires who have gone from poverty to riches.

Price:- $37 (Dollars) £28.05 (Sterling)

Guarantee – 60 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

The Wealth Trigger 360 Programme.

Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Steve G Jones are experts in the field of The Law of Attraction and Hypnosis. They are passionate about helping others to achieve their best lives and to reach their full potential.  Dr Joe Vitale has personal experience from going from poverty to a millionaire lifestyle.  He is an author of 30 plus books the emphasis being on others manifesting miracles for themselves.  Dr Steve G Jones has helped numerous people, including celebrities to release negative blocks that may be holding them back through the power of hypnosis.  He is developed hypnosis programmes for all aspects including attracting money, losing weight, self-esteem and confidence to name but a few. He is a master in NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and also the author of many books.

Together they have formed a dream team and have created the wealth trigger 360 programme. This is a combination of techniques from the Law of Attraction and Hypnosis to give anyone a millionaire mindset and live the life of their dreams.

The programme is designed to fully immerse you in the millionaire mindset, using their 7 protocol technique, amplifying your power with little effort on your part. You just need to plug in and listen!

Within their 7 protocol programme they have 36 millionaire making audios to help reprogramme your mind and achieve success in all areas of your life. To learn more about the 7 protocols click here.

The research is apparent regarding their full immersion techniques in papers from Harvard, Cambridge and George Washington University. Their studies confirm that this blueprint and technique can reprogramme the brain to any mindset. Wheel of money

Part of the programme is looking at the 4 pillars of a millionaire mindset, giving you the tools to go forward with any business opportunities and looking at “What a millionaire would do in your shoes.” To learn more about the 4 pillars of a millionaire mindset click here.

Pros of Wealth Trigger 360.

  1. This programme is easy to download and use.
  2. Everything is done for you, all you need to do is plug in and listen.
  3. Good Value of two global experts in the field.
  4. No Hassle 60 day money back guarantee.
  5. Bonus interviews with successful people who have the millionaire mindset and have created massive amounts of wealth.
  6. Release negative blocks which will not only improve your life financially but can then naturally rise your vibration for other aspects in your life such as health and happiness.

Cons of Wealth Trigger 360.

  1. You may feel overwhelmed with all the information regarding How it works.
  2. This programme needs time and dedication to receive results. You need to be consistent in your approach and complete all the audios. There are 3 daily sessions for you to listen too. You will also need to find a quiet space to listen and meditate.
  3. There is no time frame on the delivery of results. This will depend on your individual mindset and commitment.

So What can the Wealth Trigger 360 Programme Do for you?

It can open your mind to a new way of thinking that will support you in achieving a millionaire mindset and creating the life of your dreams. It will release negative blocks that have kept you from achieving financial goals previously. As you meditate you will naturally create calm and peace in your life and you will start to attract more people in your life who are also calm and peaceful. There will be opportunities open to you that will be exciting. There may be a passion in your life that will be ignited leading you to more joy and fulfillment.

The wealth trigger 360 programme can help you attract abundance just with the power of your mind and igniting your subconscious to work with you to achieve your goals.

There is little effort needed to complete the programme, you just need to commit to the time daily and give yourself the space of peace and quiet. This in itself may be asking a lot as people have busy schedules and responsibilities but if you invest time in yourself then the possibilities are endless.

The Bottom line.

If you are familiar with the work of Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Steve G Jones then you will know that they are individually reputable brands within their own rights. Joining together they have developed a programme of good value compared to other self-help programmes. Their expertise has not only given themselves wealthy lifestyles but many others who have read their books and downloaded their meditations.

Does it work?  Yes is the answer if you follow the programme and immerse yourself in the downloads provided. You will build a new relationship with money making it easier to flow to you. If you think about what a millionaire lifestyle can look like then you are already a step in the right direction. You may wish for a millionaire lifestyle to enable you to travel, or look after your family and friends. You may just want the freedom and security this lifestyle can bring you. Whatever your money goals then this programme can support you to achieve them.

The Wealth Trigger 360 programme can help you with everyday tasks, as part of the tools and techniques help you make the right decisions to attract wealth and prosperity in your daily life.

With the 60 day money back guarantee they are offering a risk free investment.

If this is the programme for you and you are willing to achieve a millionaire mindset then click here.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Your thoughts are important to me.

Love and Gratitude to you.

Manifest your best life.

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?

There are many experts out there, Joe Vitale. Tony Robbins. Richard Dotts to name but a few. They have become successful by changing their mindsets to attract anything they want, wealth, health and happiness.

They have the same tools as us – a powerful mind.

Joe Vitale recently wrote a book called Anything is Possible.  In this book he proved how powerful your mind can be and how you can even defy all odds.  He spent time with the strong men who bent metal horseshoes with their bare hands and who had full power and control of their mind.  Proving that once you harness the power you can achieve anything.

It is possible to live and manifest your best life.  How? It is easier than you think. What you think about you become.Beach Sunset

In 2006 a film from the book  The Secret was released which explained how the law of attraction works. It was a huge hit with a book that accompanied the film.

You get what you focus on. If you focus on negative aspects or have a tendency to moan or complain than you will receive more things to complain about. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but if you want your life to change than you have to focus on your inside thoughts to change your outside world.  Change your thoughts, you change your world.

Does The Law of Attraction work?  Yes

The law of attraction is there whether you believe it or not. It is like the law of gravity if you didn’t believe in gravity it wouldn’t just push you off the planet. It carries on working whether you believe it or not. The law of attraction works and you will attract a lifestyle depending on what your thoughts are focused on. For example if you think that money is hard to come by or you focus on lack of money than you will attract more lack in your life. The good and exciting news is that you have the power to change this. How amazing is that? Even if you start changing your thoughts in small steps and recognise how you feel about money (preferred way is to be thankful for the money you have got ) than you will notice changes in your circumstances.  Money wants to flow to you!

You can use the power of the law of attraction in all aspects of your life, health, relationships, work etc.

The law of attraction is based on your thoughts and vibrations. You may desire a huge amount of money, but if you have a subconscious belief that money is evil or that money will make you not a nice person. Then money will not flow to you. It is your subconscious beliefs that attract your experiences. You can change your beliefs and reprogramme your subconscious. It is easier than you think! If you want to find out what is blocking you from manifesting your best life.  Take this free quiz.

Learn how to find your blocks and release them so you can receive what you desire.

You get what you focus on. Heart shaped hands

Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven’t seen for ages. Then suddenly out of the blue that person rings, or you see them on the street. That is not a coincidence that is the law of attraction, because you focused your thoughts on that person and had a vibration or a desire to hear from them it happened. This is the power that you have in the fact that you can focus your thoughts and energy on positive outcomes. Sometimes you have a knowing that something is going to happen. Like when you know you were going to get that job or when you have met someone you know is going to be special in your life. There is a deep feeling that leaves you with no doubt that things are going right and just how you want them to be. When you have those feelings that is the law of attraction in action.  Suddenly you have opportunities open up for you and life is easy, everything starts to go your way, and all you did was change your focus.

There are various ways to change your focus and you can have fun along the way. Many people have vision boards which have pictures of what they want in their lives. These vision boards are fun to create and if you have them in a place where you can see them on a daily basis, than they can be very powerful.

Change your thoughts, you change your world.

Once you are aware of your thoughts and how you can change them, than exciting things start to happen!! sometimes quite quickly. If you start to see and focus differently than you allow money to flow to you with ease, opportunities arise that you never thought possible. Changing your thoughts can be as easy as waking up in the morning and saying “Today is going to be a good day.” “Everything always works out for me.”

Its worth a try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Believe it to achieve it.

Many successful sports men and women have a strong belief that they will win that medal or that trophy, despite the odds. Their strong belief and desire to be successful is the power that leads them on regardless. They stay focused on their goals and have the determination to succeed. gold cup

We all have that same power, you have to believe it to achieve it. Other people may have negative influences on your beliefs or have their own thoughts and opinions on what you can achieve, but if you stay focused and also have fun along the way than anything can be achieved.


It is possible to manifest your best life. You can have the money, the relationship, the career, the good health. You can have it all. You deserve it!

Changing your thoughts can change your world and it can be easy to do. Just by recognising your thoughts and beliefs and where you have blocks is a start. You can release your negative blocks by focusing on all the good in your life and feeling grateful as much as possible.

Remember you get what you focus on, so focus on the good and the great!

Please feel free to leave comments. Your thoughts are important to me.

Love and Gratitude to you.

Just Let your Love Flow

We have all heard the saying that what you give you will get back, or you reap what you sow.

Well this applies to all of your emotions. For example if you are angry then you are going to encounter angry people or angry experiences. With this being the case if you just let your love flow then you will encounter lovely, kind people and happy experiences.

Love will come back to you ten fold!

Love can build a bridge – It’s a cliche but it is true, try it and see !

The Kindness Key. Key

A way to let your love flow is by being kind to others. Sounds quite easy but somewhere along the line we have sometimes forgotten to be kind to each other. It is no one’s fault it is just the way life has led us along the merry way. We have learnt to adapt to fast environments where we need everything now, so we get a bit grumpy when things don’t go our way. For example being in a shop and you have to queue and the check out person is trying their best and then they have to get one of your products checked for a price. It is easy to become inpatient or frustrated but by remembering that person is just doing a job and you don’t know their situation, can help you to let go of your frustration.

Unlocking the kindness key can feel really good for yourself and the other person. Life is so busy and rushed that all we want to do is get things done or get to a certain destination. We forget we are all in this together! People remember you if you have shown kindness and compassion and they want to help you more. For example if you have ever worked with people in a customer service environment then you will know that if someone is shouting and screaming at you then you are less inclined to help them. Whereas if someone is being nice, kind and calm then you are motivated to go that extra mile!

Kindness will come back to you, when you are kind to others.

People are People.

We are all different with our unique personalities and we can all get our buttons pushed! The key is remembering that each person you meet will have their own stuff going on in the background. There may be reasons why they are angry, difficult to be around or awkward. If you can not judge, show compassion and kindness then it has a surprising effect.

We are all doing our best with whatever life situations we are dealing with. You will obviously come across people who may be a negative influence in your life. As you continue to let your love and kindness flow then the right people will be in your life and you will find that you attract more people who act and think like you.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Kill them with kindness !

Being kind inspires others to do the same. Have you heard of pay it forward? This is a movement that encourages people to pay forward random acts of kindness so eventually we will have a massive wave of kindness and that can only be a good thing!

Just a smile.

smiling llama

That’s all it takes. A smile is infectious and you can surprise people with a smile, sometimes they don’t see it coming!

We all rush around, looking at our phones being busy. Now and again give a smile to a stranger, a colleague, family member or a friend. It can go a long way and you never know you might be the only one that has shown kindness to that person today.

Smiling naturally makes you feel good so it is a win win !

Just a smile can have a massive impact, and it is free!

Give Love Everyday.

Love and kindness can be in everyday life. Once you get into the habit you start to naturally feel good, which then attracts more positive experiences. It is nice to be nice!! It gives you a warm glow!

Ten Tips to Give Love Every day:-

  1. Be grateful when you wake up every day ( this starts the love rolling!).
  2. Have a little mantra ” Today I am going to offer kindness” or words to that effect.
  3. Don’t get caught up in road rage! Let it go !
  4. Speak kindly to others regardless of their words to you.
  5. Do a random act of kindness ( can be opening the door to someone, making a brew for a colleague, sharing an umbrella) It doesn’t have to be big gestures.
  6. Smile as much and as often as possible.
  7. Don’t let people dump their negativity on you ! Remember they are dealing with stuff but you don’t need to be the receiver of their gripes, just wish them love and walk away or try to change the subject of conversation.
  8. Remember your manners. Please and thank you are often forgotten but they are a natural way to show kindness.
  9. Try not to judge. Everyone is doing their best.
  10. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Quick update.

You get what you give so focus on giving love and kindness.

When someone is angry or shouting at you. Remain calm and kind ( It can take a bit of practice ) you will feel better and it will naturally calm the situation.

Appreciate the people in your life.

Smile and laugh more.

Take time to notice your surroundings and remember you might be giving the only kind gesture to that person today and you could have made their day. You may never know what a difference you have made.

Being kind is free yet powerful.

You will receive more help when you are kind. Give it a try you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please feel free to leave comments/questions, your thoughts are important to me.

Love and gratitude to you 🙂

Time To Shine

Wakey Wakey !! Time to rise and shine.  You have been hiding your light for too long and the world needs you to shine brightly.  Your talent is unique it is just yours and yours alone.  No matter what it is, there is something that you do or have that no one else is able to duplicate as well as you.  How amazing is that!! stars

Your time to shine is now, today.  Don’t know what your talent is ?  You probably have numerous talents that somewhere along the line you have suppressed.  This is because you may have a fear of what others will think or you think you are not good enough.  Well you are good enough.  YOU ARE AMAZING.  Most likely your talent is something that gives you a sense of joy and ignites your passion.  It can be anything like playing the ukulele or writing poems or doing a backward flip.  Whatever it is no one on this planet can do it like you.

Only One of You.

That is right, there is only one of you.  No matter what your circumstances are or how you feel, remember you are the only version of you on this planet. Think about that.  No one else has your dreams, your aspirations, your laugh, your smile, your uniqueness.  This makes you special.  You no longer need to feel that you need to change to be special.  Society creates pressure to look and be a certain way.  You are enough just as you are.  The trick is to remember how unique you are and don’t let negative words get to you. Whoever says those negative things have probably got stuff going on themselves and that shows up by putting others down.  Some people find it easy to undermine others to make them feel better, well that is their issue not yours.

The more you know that you are unique, the more confident you will grow and the more protected you will be from negativity.

No matter what shape and size you are, how tall or small, how brainy you are. You are special and worthy.  It is time to know your worth!

Love the Mirror.

The mirrors in your home maybe decorative, they may be functional, they may be hiding a bad DIY job!  Wherever, you have mirrors it is time to start loving them.  More importantly the reflection in the mirror.  It is time to STOP putting ourselves down.

Why are we so mean and unkind to ourselves?  We look in the mirror and we focus on the things we don’t like such as our wrinkles, or wobbly bits. The mirror and our reflection is craving for us to go “Yes check me out. I’m amazing and gorgeous!”  If we do think it or say it we immediately change back to looking for our faults.  Why? Because we have been taught that if you love yourself too much then no one will like you, or it is better to put yourself down before others do.  This thinking is crazy!!  Try to change this thinking and start to love yourself more, just like you would love your best friend or a partner. Fall crazy, madly, deeply in love with yourself.  Go on, you have nothing to lose!

Here are 10 tips on how to love yourself:- Heart

  1. Don’t put yourself down, watch what you say about yourself.
  2. Make a list of 5 things you like about yourself. ( Keep adding to the list as you grow more confident).
  3. Accept compliments without saying “What this old thing!” say thank you instead.
  4. Don’t keep things for best. Every day is a special occasion. So wear the nice perfume or the nice shirt.
  5. See yourself as your loved ones see you. You are special to someone. See what they see.
  6. Remember how unique, special and amazing you are.
  7. Give yourself credit for all your achievements, even give yourself a gold star!
  8. Do something that you enjoy on a regular basis, who knows where it will take you.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be you, because that is what you are good at.
  10. Look in the mirror and say “I love you” (Gets better with practice!).

How to have a Super Power.

You already have a super power. It is being you. You are a super power. You are a force of nature and having a super power means that you can have, do or be anything you want. You have a super powerful mind that can believe and achieve. Your thoughts are the energy to your super power. This is why you have to fuel your super power with positive thoughts and keep it running so your super power can reach it’s full potential. The more positive fuel the more super your power becomes.

You are an Amazing Person.

The award for the most amazing person goes to ………….(Drum Roll) YOU. gold cup

You have the right to be amazing so don’t be afraid to show it.  Some people get a bit jealous when you start to shine and gain more confidence.  This is because they may have never seen this side of you before and it may scare them that you are changing and you will leave them behind.  The good thing is the more you start to love yourself, the more you inspire others to follow your lead. It is a win win situation.  Once you start loving and respecting yourself then others will love and respect you more.  You will have an inner glow that will attract others.  You will receive comments like “You look different, have you done something to your hair?”  You will know that the difference is that you are thinking and loving yourself differently, and guess what it feels good!.

So be your amazing self, no matter what. The world needs you to be amazing.



It is ok to shine your light, you don’t need permission. It feels good to love yourself.  It inspires others to do the same.

Your mind is your super power, watch your thoughts and watch how you talk about yourself. Positive thoughts fuel your super power to its full potential!

Be nice to your reflection, the mirror loves you because you are gorgeous, give yourself a cheeky wink!

Remember you are amazing.

Love and gratitude to you.

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Can you choose to be happy? YES

flower powerIt is true we can choose to be happy, regardless of the circumstances. It is a mindset, even by saying the words “I choose to be happy.” can change our thoughts and mindset.

I know you are thinking “What about my problems and my worries? How can I be happy when I have all these things going on? No matter what you have going on you can choose to be happy. It might feel weird at first but once you get into the habit of recognising unhappy thoughts and changing them to happier thoughts then it gets easier and life also gets easier too.

Where is the happy place?

You know the saying when something horrible is happening that everyone will say “Go to your happy place!” like when you go to the dentist, or when you are stuck in a boring meeting. Have you ever thought “Where is my happy place? I can’t get there.” Well imagination is key but sometimes we get to a point so low that it even feels our imagination has packed up and shipped out! So how do you get to your happy place? Well if you are struggling it is key to know you are not alone, it can take small steps. The first step is choosing to think and feel differently, then thinking of a time when you really laughed, or think of a time, perhaps on holiday where everything just fell into place. That laughter or feeling peace is your happy place and you can reach it anytime and anywhere.Red Sky

Be happy stay happy.

It is OK to be happy and walk with a spring in your step and maybe a little whistle or a tune! We sometimes worry what others think of us and therefore we will hold back because we don’t want others to judge, we need to shine our light and show off our uniqueness. When we feel happy, we can struggle to stay happy. We think at some point the bubble is going to burst.

Guess what? We all deserve to be happy and enjoy ourselves. We are only here once. Be happy. Remember it is a mindset and a choice. You may be surprised at how many happy experiences come your way when you have joyful thoughts.

What floats your boat? Is it sports, music, looking after animals? We all have a passion that fills us with joy and it about igniting our passion and giving some time to get back to that passion.

I know life has a habit of getting in the way and things don’t always go the way we planned, but it is how we react to life’s challenges that will lead to happiness, the more we practice feeling and choosing to feel a bit happier, the more happy experiences come our way.

Big Smiles.

Smile like you mean it! A big smile can make all the difference, if you are happy show it! It is good to smile and show how sunny you feel on the inside. smiley faceThe smile can have a big impact, smiling is infectious! Everyone no matter what language they speak can understand a smile. Smiling can make you feel instantly happier, so even if you are feeling a bit low, try to rustle up a little grin, because it will be the start of a massive smile.

Being grateful will always instantly make you feel happy. When you are thankful for everything in your life and you focus on all the blessings you have then feeling happy will be natural.

Spreading the happiness.

When you are happy and you show it, others around you can’t help but be happy. Your happy energy will spread like wild fire. Do you know of a really happy person that everyone looks forward to seeing and the energy is lifted as soon as they walk in the room? They have an incredible energy that everyone wants to be around, there is something about them that you think I want to be like that. Guess what, you can be like that. It is about not letting the small niggles get you down, it is about focusing on the fun and the excitement of life.

Children and animals are naturally happy, spend more time with them!

When you complain or feel frustrated then happiness struggles to find you. Sometimes we have developed habits that aren’t good for us in the long run, like gossiping or being over dramatic this can block our happiness as we get what we give!

The good thing is we change this. Start giving out more compliments, it will make you feel good and also the other person.

Plus you will start to notice how many compliments you get back, and you deserve them.

Here are 10 tips to receive happiness and spread the happiness.

  1. Try to go 24 hours without complaining, if you catch yourself doing it Stop!
  2. Look for the good in people.
  3. Write down everything that you are grateful for.
  4. Treat people how you like to be treated.
  5. Shine your light! Don’t worry what others think.
  6. Laugh.
  7. Say a mantra, for example “I choose to be happy.”
  8. Listen to your favourite music.
  9. Don’t let small niggles get you down.
  10. Smile!

Life is meant to be happy and exciting and you deserve the best life.

Make being happy a priority, do something today that makes you smile.


It’s OK to be happy. The world needs more happy people.

Have a good ole belly laugh and try to laugh each day.

Smiling is infectious! Try It!

You deserve to be happy.

Feeling grateful will bring more happiness.

You are unique, shine your light and don’t worry what other people think.

Remember what your passion is, what gives you joy, do more of that!

Be kind to others, offer compliments and be gracious and accept compliments. What you give, you receive back tenfold.

Remember you are amazing.

Love and gratitude to you.

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Creating Your Best Life.

It is possible to create your best life, regardless of your circumstances.

How? By changing your mindset and believing in the power of your mind. You have probably heard of miracle stories where people have defied the doctors and began to get well or people who have turned rags-to-riches. They all had one common factor. They all BELIEVED they could create their best lives regardless of their circumstances.

Sea view

How amazing is it that if you have a strong desire and a strong belief that you can achieve anything.

Now you may be thinking blah blah what a lot of mumble jumble but you can start to change right now with small changes.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Become the best version of yourself.

We all go through our phases of wanting to improve ourselves, usually at the start of a new year. Remember all those resolutions of losing weight, finding a new job, not watching too many box sets. We have good intentions that probably last for a month or two. We lose interest and go back to our old habits and we are soon back to everyday chores of working, running after kids and family and generally thinking where has the time gone?

The good thing is you are already unique. There is only one you on the whole of this planet. There may be people who look like you and have similar traits but there is only one of you. You are unique with your thoughts, your dreams, your aspirations. Unique butterfly

Remember when you were a kid and you were free to be imaginative and the world was an exciting place where there were no limits. Even if your childhood wasn’t that great, there would have been times when you imagined being an astronaut, or a superhero and felt that all your dreams were just a heartbeat away!

Then in a blink of an eye you are a responsible adult with bills and a few laughter lines!

You can still use your imagination to be the best version of yourself. How? By remembering what your passion is. What gets you excited? What makes you laugh? It could be something simple like going for a bike ride or reading your favourite book. Anything that gives you joy or the same feeling of excitement that you had when you were a kid, is going to ignite your best self.

If you do want to make improvements, such as losing weight or change your career. Then keep it fun and light, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If it is fun then it is more likely to be a permanent change. For example find a fun exercise class that you and a friend can share and have a giggle. Search for careers that you feel passionate about and be creative with a vision board or a timeline of what you need to achieve to get that job.

Remember if you believe it and have a strong desire that you can achieve it.

Love who you are.

We have been taught that people who love themselves are over confident, not like able and possibly arrogant. This doesn’t need to be the case. We need to start falling in love with ourselves. We only have one body and only one time to be here, so Let’s make it count! The times when we look in the mirror and not like ourselves has to change. We have amazing bodies that work for us 24/7 our hearts beat without us even thinking about it. We need to look in the mirror and start loving what we see, especially our wobbly bits!

If loving yourself feels like uncomfortable territory then start with small steps, focus on the one thing that you like about yourself, it could be anything big or small. You might like your hair, or your eyes it can be anything and just remember there is only one of you.  Loving Hands

If you catch yourself thinking or saying negative thoughts about yourself. STOP! Remember you are amazing!

When someone offers you a compliment, instead of saying “What this old thing?” say thank you and take it on board. This may seem difficult at first but the more your practice it the better you will feel and you be surprised how good you will feel and how many more compliments will come your way.

Life is about having fun.

Remember fun? Remember what it was like? Well if you are not having fun in your life then that needs to change! Life is about having fun. It is about making the mundane chores fun by listening to your favourite music, having a dance while doing the housework. Anything that will make you feel light in heart and spirit can start to have a positive impact on your life.

OstrichHave a laugh, laughter is amazing to lift your spirits and to start attracting positive experiences.

Love, smiles and laughter are definitely the ingredients to a fun life.

Make life exciting.

Life is exciting if you choose to view it that way. Feeling grateful for everything you have in your life, invites more exciting opportunities into your experience. Counting your blessings will lift your mood. Try it you have nothing to lose.

Red Sky When you find yourself bogged down with problems and worries remember if you change your thoughts to gratitude then your life can change in exciting ways. For instance don’t say negative words about your old car, be grateful that you have a car, be grateful for the clothes and the home you have, even be grateful for your in-laws!

Noticing your thoughts and feelings can have a big positive impact on your life.


You can create your best life. Others have changed their lives through the power of belief and defying all odds.

You are in charge of making your life exciting and by making changes to your thoughts, you can change your life.

Have fun, laugh and smile.

Be kind to yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Be grateful for everything in your life.

Remember what you are passionate about. What made you feel happy?

Love who you are. Remember you are unique, there is only one of you.

Remember you are amazing!

Love and gratitude to you.

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You Have The Power.

How amazing is it to know that you have the power to have a wealthy, healthy, happy life. Our thoughts create our lives, which means if we have more positive thoughts than we will have more positive experiences. electricity power

Hard to believe? Think about the times when you woke up in a bad mood, then you were running late, then you spilled your coffee, then you were overwhelmed at work. The day just got worse and your bad mood seemed to last forever. This was because you had sent out negative vibes and what you give out, you get back tenfold!

You have the power to change.

How?  Just by thinking a little differently.

Is it hard to do?  It can be done easily, small steps that can have a big impact.

The difference is in your thoughts. It is about learning to let go of negativity. I know that we all have challenges and it is difficult to find positives, you blame your boss, your spouse, your kids and everyone else. Nobody has the power to control your thoughts only you have the power. This means that you can control your thoughts in any situation. How powerful is that?

An attitude of gratitude.

love cloudThe easiest and quickest way to change your thoughts and your life experiences is to have an attitude of gratitude. Finding things in your life that you are grateful for big and small. Being grateful for waking up each day, being grateful for your home, your family, your phone, being grateful that we have so much technology in our world today. I am grateful you have visited my website. You might even be inspired to write a gratitude journal but if not just thinking appreciative thoughts will easily change your vibration for more positive experiences.

Let go and go with the flow.

In society today it is easy to get overwhelmed with pressures of everyday life, pressures of money, pressures of looking a certain way and pressures of time and commitment. Life was not meant to be hard. We have a tendency to be over critical of ourselves when we don’t need to be. It is time to have fun. This might be small steps like listening to your favourite music, getting back to doing a favourite hobby, reading a book or connecting with an old friend. Anything that ignites a feeling of joy will put you in a positive mindset. Doing something you enjoy helps your positive energy flow, which allows more positive experiences into your reality. Beach Sunset

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It is an old cliche but it rings true. The more you can let go of the frustration of being stuck in traffic, or having to queue at the supermarket the more you will feel free from the pressures of life and there will be more fun in your life! You have a choice you can let it go or you can be frustrated in which case you are only hurting yourself.

Another way to let go of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, guilt, worry etc is to meditate. You may think that meditation is a load of mumble jumble, but it is not all about being cross-legged in a room full of candles. Meditation can be just quietening your mind for a few minutes a day. It does help not to have distractions such as phones and tv, but any time you can give to yourself where you can quieten your mind and focus on your breathing will help towards relieving stress and enhancing positive thoughts.

You have the choice.

You have the choice and you have the power to have wealth, health and happiness. No matter what your circumstance or your commitments you can choose to let go of negative emotions and allow positive thoughts which will lead to positive experiences. I am not saying that you can’t feel anger, frustration or other negative emotions as this is all part of being human.

FunWhat you are in control of is how long you feel negative emotions, it can take a bit of practice but once you get in the flow of letting go of the feelings it becomes easier.  For example if you are stuck in traffic instead of feeling frustrated, switch on your favourite music have a little sing-song!!  Being in a traffic jam is out of your control and you will get to your destination at some point, so let go and don’t sweat the small stuff!

The wealth bit.

Money can be a motivator for our happiness. We have been programmed to believe that money will be the answer to our problems and will provide happiness. Money is a tool for us to use and yes the more money we have, the more things we can buy. The main attraction of money is it can provide freedom, if you win the lottery you can give up work if you want, you can support your friends and family. As money is a form of energy you can attract more of it into your life by your thoughts and emotions. Diamond heart

How?  If you feel abundant then money will flow.  Hard to believe but that is the energy of money. What you believe about money is the truth.  For example if you have a strong belief that money is hard to come by, then guess what money will not come to you.

Sometimes we have set beliefs regarding money that we are not aware of and these beliefs may be keeping money from flowing to us.  The good news is that beliefs can be changed by small easy steps. When you feel abundant about other areas of your life such as an abundance of air, sunlight, water, food etc then the abundant feeling will attract more abundance including money. Like attracts like.

Treat money as a friend and it will want to be with you! Be grateful for the money and the blessings you have and you will see changes in your everyday life. There is more information here about how   You can be in the flow of abundance.


You have the power and the choice to have wealth, health and happiness in your life.  You deserve it all.  You can change your thoughts to attract more positive experiences just by being aware of how you feel.  If you feel anger, frustration, guilt etc then don’t stay that way, choose to let it go, choose to feel happy.

Be grateful for everything you have in your life, saying thank you for your blessings can have a big positive impact on your life.

Remember you are unique and amazing and deserve it all!

Love and gratitude to you.

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