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Hello to you and thank you for visiting my website. We were meant to live a happy, prosperous life filled with joy and happiness. The wonderful aspect is that we have the power within ourselves to change how we feel, think and live wealthy, healthy and happy lives.

Living your Best Life.

I am passionate about the Law of Attraction and also love learning spiritual ways to be the best version of myself. What you think and feel becomes your reality. When you have an attitude of gratitude (even just a little !) then your whole world can change. I have had such exciting experiences by being thankful and looking at circumstances positively. I am grateful that I am healthy ( after overcoming a rare cancer). I am wealthy in the fact that I have a house, food and the ability to pay my bills. I have learnt that money wants to be with me and you, we just have to let it in!

I love constantly learning each day exciting ways to live my best life and be in the flow of the universe. This includes letting go of negativity and when you let go, Wow your life can change !!

I have always classed myself as a positive person, but life can get in the way sometimes. I was never very lucky in love but now I am happily married. My confidence grew and I achieved qualifications to enable me to help others.

I am happy, wealthy, healthy and working on the wise bit !

We all deserve wealth, health and happiness.

I feel passionate about telling everyone that we all have the power to create our own reality, and it can be fun along the way!

I learn from other people and feel grateful to receive and share knowledge.

We can all live our best lives.

Learn to attract a wealthy,  healthy and happy life.  It is easier than you think.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

You are a star, don’t forget to shine 🙂


Founder of Havewealthhealthandhappiness.com


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