Can you choose to be happy? YES

flower powerIt is true we can choose to be happy, regardless of the circumstances. It is a mindset, even by saying the words “I choose to be happy.” can change our thoughts and mindset.

I know you are thinking “What about my problems and my worries? How can I be happy when I have all these things going on? No matter what you have going on you can choose to be happy. It might feel weird at first but once you get into the habit of recognising unhappy thoughts and changing them to happier thoughts then it gets easier and life also gets easier too.

Where is the happy place?

You know the saying when something horrible is happening that everyone will say “Go to your happy place!” like when you go to the dentist, or when you are stuck in a boring meeting. Have you ever thought “Where is my happy place? I can’t get there.” Well imagination is key but sometimes we get to a point so low that it even feels our imagination has packed up and shipped out! So how do you get to your happy place? Well if you are struggling it is key to know you are not alone, it can take small steps. The first step is choosing to think and feel differently, then thinking of a time when you really laughed, or think of a time, perhaps on holiday where everything just fell into place. That laughter or feeling peace is your happy place and you can reach it anytime and anywhere.Red Sky

Be happy stay happy.

It is OK to be happy and walk with a spring in your step and maybe a little whistle or a tune! We sometimes worry what others think of us and therefore we will hold back because we don’t want others to judge, we need to shine our light and show off our uniqueness. When we feel happy, we can struggle to stay happy. We think at some point the bubble is going to burst.

Guess what? We all deserve to be happy and enjoy ourselves. We are only here once. Be happy. Remember it is a mindset and a choice. You may be surprised at how many happy experiences come your way when you have joyful thoughts.

What floats your boat? Is it sports, music, looking after animals? We all have a passion that fills us with joy and it about igniting our passion and giving some time to get back to that passion.

I know life has a habit of getting in the way and things don’t always go the way we planned, but it is how we react to life’s challenges that will lead to happiness, the more we practice feeling and choosing to feel a bit happier, the more happy experiences come our way.

Big Smiles.

Smile like you mean it! A big smile can make all the difference, if you are happy show it! It is good to smile and show how sunny you feel on the inside. smiley faceThe smile can have a big impact, smiling is infectious! Everyone no matter what language they speak can understand a smile. Smiling can make you feel instantly happier, so even if you are feeling a bit low, try to rustle up a little grin, because it will be the start of a massive smile.

Being grateful will always instantly make you feel happy. When you are thankful for everything in your life and you focus on all the blessings you have then feeling happy will be natural.

Spreading the happiness.

When you are happy and you show it, others around you can’t help but be happy. Your happy energy will spread like wild fire. Do you know of a really happy person that everyone looks forward to seeing and the energy is lifted as soon as they walk in the room? They have an incredible energy that everyone wants to be around, there is something about them that you think I want to be like that. Guess what, you can be like that. It is about not letting the small niggles get you down, it is about focusing on the fun and the excitement of life.

Children and animals are naturally happy, spend more time with them!

When you complain or feel frustrated then happiness struggles to find you. Sometimes we have developed habits that aren’t good for us in the long run, like gossiping or being over dramatic this can block our happiness as we get what we give!

The good thing is we change this. Start giving out more compliments, it will make you feel good and also the other person.

Plus you will start to notice how many compliments you get back, and you deserve them.

Here are 10 tips to receive happiness and spread the happiness.

  1. Try to go 24 hours without complaining, if you catch yourself doing it Stop!
  2. Look for the good in people.
  3. Write down everything that you are grateful for.
  4. Treat people how you like to be treated.
  5. Shine your light! Don’t worry what others think.
  6. Laugh.
  7. Say a mantra, for example “I choose to be happy.”
  8. Listen to your favourite music.
  9. Don’t let small niggles get you down.
  10. Smile!

Life is meant to be happy and exciting and you deserve the best life.

Make being happy a priority, do something today that makes you smile.


It’s OK to be happy. The world needs more happy people.

Have a good ole belly laugh and try to laugh each day.

Smiling is infectious! Try It!

You deserve to be happy.

Feeling grateful will bring more happiness.

You are unique, shine your light and don’t worry what other people think.

Remember what your passion is, what gives you joy, do more of that!

Be kind to others, offer compliments and be gracious and accept compliments. What you give, you receive back tenfold.

Remember you are amazing.

Love and gratitude to you.

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