Manifest your best life.

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?

There are many experts out there, Joe Vitale. Tony Robbins. Richard Dotts to name but a few. They have become successful by changing their mindsets to attract anything they want, wealth, health and happiness.

They have the same tools as us – a powerful mind.

Joe Vitale recently wrote a book called Anything is Possible.  In this book he proved how powerful your mind can be and how you can even defy all odds.  He spent time with the strong men who bent metal horseshoes with their bare hands and who had full power and control of their mind.  Proving that once you harness the power you can achieve anything.

It is possible to live and manifest your best life.  How? It is easier than you think. What you think about you become.Beach Sunset

In 2006 a film from the book  The Secret was released which explained how the law of attraction works. It was a huge hit with a book that accompanied the film.

You get what you focus on. If you focus on negative aspects or have a tendency to moan or complain than you will receive more things to complain about. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but if you want your life to change than you have to focus on your inside thoughts to change your outside world.  Change your thoughts, you change your world.

Does The Law of Attraction work?  Yes

The law of attraction is there whether you believe it or not. It is like the law of gravity if you didn’t believe in gravity it wouldn’t just push you off the planet. It carries on working whether you believe it or not. The law of attraction works and you will attract a lifestyle depending on what your thoughts are focused on. For example if you think that money is hard to come by or you focus on lack of money than you will attract more lack in your life. The good and exciting news is that you have the power to change this. How amazing is that? Even if you start changing your thoughts in small steps and recognise how you feel about money (preferred way is to be thankful for the money you have got ) than you will notice changes in your circumstances.  Money wants to flow to you!

You can use the power of the law of attraction in all aspects of your life, health, relationships, work etc.

The law of attraction is based on your thoughts and vibrations. You may desire a huge amount of money, but if you have a subconscious belief that money is evil or that money will make you not a nice person. Then money will not flow to you. It is your subconscious beliefs that attract your experiences. You can change your beliefs and reprogramme your subconscious. It is easier than you think! If you want to find out what is blocking you from manifesting your best life.  Take this free quiz.

Learn how to find your blocks and release them so you can receive what you desire.

You get what you focus on. Heart shaped hands

Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven’t seen for ages. Then suddenly out of the blue that person rings, or you see them on the street. That is not a coincidence that is the law of attraction, because you focused your thoughts on that person and had a vibration or a desire to hear from them it happened. This is the power that you have in the fact that you can focus your thoughts and energy on positive outcomes. Sometimes you have a knowing that something is going to happen. Like when you know you were going to get that job or when you have met someone you know is going to be special in your life. There is a deep feeling that leaves you with no doubt that things are going right and just how you want them to be. When you have those feelings that is the law of attraction in action.  Suddenly you have opportunities open up for you and life is easy, everything starts to go your way, and all you did was change your focus.

There are various ways to change your focus and you can have fun along the way. Many people have vision boards which have pictures of what they want in their lives. These vision boards are fun to create and if you have them in a place where you can see them on a daily basis, than they can be very powerful.

Change your thoughts, you change your world.

Once you are aware of your thoughts and how you can change them, than exciting things start to happen!! sometimes quite quickly. If you start to see and focus differently than you allow money to flow to you with ease, opportunities arise that you never thought possible. Changing your thoughts can be as easy as waking up in the morning and saying “Today is going to be a good day.” “Everything always works out for me.”

Its worth a try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Believe it to achieve it.

Many successful sports men and women have a strong belief that they will win that medal or that trophy, despite the odds. Their strong belief and desire to be successful is the power that leads them on regardless. They stay focused on their goals and have the determination to succeed. gold cup

We all have that same power, you have to believe it to achieve it. Other people may have negative influences on your beliefs or have their own thoughts and opinions on what you can achieve, but if you stay focused and also have fun along the way than anything can be achieved.


It is possible to manifest your best life. You can have the money, the relationship, the career, the good health. You can have it all. You deserve it!

Changing your thoughts can change your world and it can be easy to do. Just by recognising your thoughts and beliefs and where you have blocks is a start. You can release your negative blocks by focusing on all the good in your life and feeling grateful as much as possible.

Remember you get what you focus on, so focus on the good and the great!

Please feel free to leave comments. Your thoughts are important to me.

Love and Gratitude to you.

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  1. That’s me at this point pouring my goals out each detail accomplished as I see them!

    I love the secret! Such a great way to live life. I certainly believe it plays a key role in our game of odds and variables.

    1. Thank you for visiting my site and for your comments. Glad you like the secret! Having goals is great especially when you know you can achieve them. I love ticking them off my list!!
      Much Gratitude to you.

  2. Hello, I love the content that you have on here as I’m also into the law of attraction and learning more as I go on. This post is very informative and I think this will help people to have a different outlook on their lives. Keep up the brilliant work!

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