Time To Shine

Wakey Wakey !! Time to rise and shine.  You have been hiding your light for too long and the world needs you to shine brightly.  Your talent is unique it is just yours and yours alone.  No matter what it is, there is something that you do or have that no one else is able to duplicate as well as you.  How amazing is that!! stars

Your time to shine is now, today.  Don’t know what your talent is ?  You probably have numerous talents that somewhere along the line you have suppressed.  This is because you may have a fear of what others will think or you think you are not good enough.  Well you are good enough.  YOU ARE AMAZING.  Most likely your talent is something that gives you a sense of joy and ignites your passion.  It can be anything like playing the ukulele or writing poems or doing a backward flip.  Whatever it is no one on this planet can do it like you.

Only One of You.

That is right, there is only one of you.  No matter what your circumstances are or how you feel, remember you are the only version of you on this planet. Think about that.  No one else has your dreams, your aspirations, your laugh, your smile, your uniqueness.  This makes you special.  You no longer need to feel that you need to change to be special.  Society creates pressure to look and be a certain way.  You are enough just as you are.  The trick is to remember how unique you are and don’t let negative words get to you. Whoever says those negative things have probably got stuff going on themselves and that shows up by putting others down.  Some people find it easy to undermine others to make them feel better, well that is their issue not yours.

The more you know that you are unique, the more confident you will grow and the more protected you will be from negativity.

No matter what shape and size you are, how tall or small, how brainy you are. You are special and worthy.  It is time to know your worth!

Love the Mirror.

The mirrors in your home maybe decorative, they may be functional, they may be hiding a bad DIY job!  Wherever, you have mirrors it is time to start loving them.  More importantly the reflection in the mirror.  It is time to STOP putting ourselves down.

Why are we so mean and unkind to ourselves?  We look in the mirror and we focus on the things we don’t like such as our wrinkles, or wobbly bits. The mirror and our reflection is craving for us to go “Yes check me out. I’m amazing and gorgeous!”  If we do think it or say it we immediately change back to looking for our faults.  Why? Because we have been taught that if you love yourself too much then no one will like you, or it is better to put yourself down before others do.  This thinking is crazy!!  Try to change this thinking and start to love yourself more, just like you would love your best friend or a partner. Fall crazy, madly, deeply in love with yourself.  Go on, you have nothing to lose!

Here are 10 tips on how to love yourself:- Heart

  1. Don’t put yourself down, watch what you say about yourself.
  2. Make a list of 5 things you like about yourself. ( Keep adding to the list as you grow more confident).
  3. Accept compliments without saying “What this old thing!” say thank you instead.
  4. Don’t keep things for best. Every day is a special occasion. So wear the nice perfume or the nice shirt.
  5. See yourself as your loved ones see you. You are special to someone. See what they see.
  6. Remember how unique, special and amazing you are.
  7. Give yourself credit for all your achievements, even give yourself a gold star!
  8. Do something that you enjoy on a regular basis, who knows where it will take you.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be you, because that is what you are good at.
  10. Look in the mirror and say “I love you” (Gets better with practice!).

How to have a Super Power.

You already have a super power. It is being you. You are a super power. You are a force of nature and having a super power means that you can have, do or be anything you want. You have a super powerful mind that can believe and achieve. Your thoughts are the energy to your super power. This is why you have to fuel your super power with positive thoughts and keep it running so your super power can reach it’s full potential. The more positive fuel the more super your power becomes.

You are an Amazing Person.

The award for the most amazing person goes to ………….(Drum Roll) YOU. gold cup

You have the right to be amazing so don’t be afraid to show it.  Some people get a bit jealous when you start to shine and gain more confidence.  This is because they may have never seen this side of you before and it may scare them that you are changing and you will leave them behind.  The good thing is the more you start to love yourself, the more you inspire others to follow your lead. It is a win win situation.  Once you start loving and respecting yourself then others will love and respect you more.  You will have an inner glow that will attract others.  You will receive comments like “You look different, have you done something to your hair?”  You will know that the difference is that you are thinking and loving yourself differently, and guess what it feels good!.

So be your amazing self, no matter what. The world needs you to be amazing.



It is ok to shine your light, you don’t need permission. It feels good to love yourself.  It inspires others to do the same.

Your mind is your super power, watch your thoughts and watch how you talk about yourself. Positive thoughts fuel your super power to its full potential!

Be nice to your reflection, the mirror loves you because you are gorgeous, give yourself a cheeky wink!

Remember you are amazing.

Love and gratitude to you.

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8 Replies to “Time To Shine”

  1. This is one really inspirational post Lorraine. I’m rarely negative about others but really give myself a hard time if something hasn’t gone as well I wanted, or if I don’t look as good as I’d like! Especially love the love the mirror section. It’s spot on! I always focus on the negative bits but I should be doing the opposite. I’m going to re read the top ten tips on how to love yourself to make sure it sinks in and learn to see myself more positively! Thanks Lorraine 😁

  2. I love your positive energy! Something you said reminded me of a lesson I learned about myself a couple of years ago. I used to put myself down all the time; I really hated myself. Then one day I realized that I would never be that hard on anyone else, why should I be that mean to myself? It was a turning point for me. Thanks, Lorraine. Keep shining!

  3. Hi Lorraine, thank you for this article!
    This is a very good reminder how to love one`s self. I can read it all over again, or anytime especially at times when i doubt myself.
    Love it!

  4. Thank you for your helpful and wise advice. From an early age I was told to love myself, however this led to me having an ego the size of the moon. Your words and guidance show that anyone can be proud and happy whilst retaining humility.
    It’s so easy for the negative thought to resurface. Thats why your thoughtful tips are so handy. I’m going to put them on my fridge as a gentle reminder of what’s important in life.
    I certainly can see the benefits of not comparing myself to others. It’s a pointless exercise and as you state we are all unique and different.
    I wise and insightful person once highlighted to me that I procrastinated a lot and said I should “just do it”. From today i’m going to heed your advice and follow your tips, no meandering or faffing I’m just going to do it.
    Thank you again, you are the shiniest star.

    1. Hi Wayne thank you for visiting my site and your insightful comments. Love the fact that it is going on the fridge! and love the Just do it !
      Much Gratitude to you

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