You Have The Power.

How amazing is it to know that you have the power to have a wealthy, healthy, happy life. Our thoughts create our lives, which means if we have more positive thoughts than we will have more positive experiences. electricity power

Hard to believe? Think about the times when you woke up in a bad mood, then you were running late, then you spilled your coffee, then you were overwhelmed at work. The day just got worse and your bad mood seemed to last forever. This was because you had sent out negative vibes and what you give out, you get back tenfold!

You have the power to change.

How?  Just by thinking a little differently.

Is it hard to do?  It can be done easily, small steps that can have a big impact.

The difference is in your thoughts. It is about learning to let go of negativity. I know that we all have challenges and it is difficult to find positives, you blame your boss, your spouse, your kids and everyone else. Nobody has the power to control your thoughts only you have the power. This means that you can control your thoughts in any situation. How powerful is that?

An attitude of gratitude.

love cloudThe easiest and quickest way to change your thoughts and your life experiences is to have an attitude of gratitude. Finding things in your life that you are grateful for big and small. Being grateful for waking up each day, being grateful for your home, your family, your phone, being grateful that we have so much technology in our world today. I am grateful you have visited my website. You might even be inspired to write a gratitude journal but if not just thinking appreciative thoughts will easily change your vibration for more positive experiences.

Let go and go with the flow.

In society today it is easy to get overwhelmed with pressures of everyday life, pressures of money, pressures of looking a certain way and pressures of time and commitment. Life was not meant to be hard. We have a tendency to be over critical of ourselves when we don’t need to be. It is time to have fun. This might be small steps like listening to your favourite music, getting back to doing a favourite hobby, reading a book or connecting with an old friend. Anything that ignites a feeling of joy will put you in a positive mindset. Doing something you enjoy helps your positive energy flow, which allows more positive experiences into your reality. Beach Sunset

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It is an old cliche but it rings true. The more you can let go of the frustration of being stuck in traffic, or having to queue at the supermarket the more you will feel free from the pressures of life and there will be more fun in your life! You have a choice you can let it go or you can be frustrated in which case you are only hurting yourself.

Another way to let go of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, guilt, worry etc is to meditate. You may think that meditation is a load of mumble jumble, but it is not all about being cross-legged in a room full of candles. Meditation can be just quietening your mind for a few minutes a day. It does help not to have distractions such as phones and tv, but any time you can give to yourself where you can quieten your mind and focus on your breathing will help towards relieving stress and enhancing positive thoughts.

You have the choice.

You have the choice and you have the power to have wealth, health and happiness. No matter what your circumstance or your commitments you can choose to let go of negative emotions and allow positive thoughts which will lead to positive experiences. I am not saying that you can’t feel anger, frustration or other negative emotions as this is all part of being human.

FunWhat you are in control of is how long you feel negative emotions, it can take a bit of practice but once you get in the flow of letting go of the feelings it becomes easier.  For example if you are stuck in traffic instead of feeling frustrated, switch on your favourite music have a little sing-song!!  Being in a traffic jam is out of your control and you will get to your destination at some point, so let go and don’t sweat the small stuff!

The wealth bit.

Money can be a motivator for our happiness. We have been programmed to believe that money will be the answer to our problems and will provide happiness. Money is a tool for us to use and yes the more money we have, the more things we can buy. The main attraction of money is it can provide freedom, if you win the lottery you can give up work if you want, you can support your friends and family. As money is a form of energy you can attract more of it into your life by your thoughts and emotions. Diamond heart

How?  If you feel abundant then money will flow.  Hard to believe but that is the energy of money. What you believe about money is the truth.  For example if you have a strong belief that money is hard to come by, then guess what money will not come to you.

Sometimes we have set beliefs regarding money that we are not aware of and these beliefs may be keeping money from flowing to us.  The good news is that beliefs can be changed by small easy steps. When you feel abundant about other areas of your life such as an abundance of air, sunlight, water, food etc then the abundant feeling will attract more abundance including money. Like attracts like.

Treat money as a friend and it will want to be with you! Be grateful for the money and the blessings you have and you will see changes in your everyday life. There is more information here about how   You can be in the flow of abundance.


You have the power and the choice to have wealth, health and happiness in your life.  You deserve it all.  You can change your thoughts to attract more positive experiences just by being aware of how you feel.  If you feel anger, frustration, guilt etc then don’t stay that way, choose to let it go, choose to feel happy.

Be grateful for everything you have in your life, saying thank you for your blessings can have a big positive impact on your life.

Remember you are unique and amazing and deserve it all!

Love and gratitude to you.

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4 Replies to “You Have The Power.”

  1. Lorraine, thank you for for your wise and inspirational words – you make so much sense, especially about the ‘gratitude’ and the ‘wealth’ bit. You have helped me to feel more positive today – thank you so much!

    I love your website.

    PS – When are you going on tour?


  2. I love this Lorraine and agree completely about the fact we have a choice about how we live our lives and how we see the world. It can be a difficult and scary concept to comprehend at first though as it places the responsibility for our lives squarely in our hands. Eeek!
    Taking control is very rewarding though and you describe it beautifully, whilst making it seem much more achievable and far less daunting.
    Thank you for your positivity, compassion, insight and wise words. Keep them coming! Xxx

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